Exhibiting futures design at Designmuseum Denmark

Until June 2023 you can experience our two pieces, “Human Intelligence” & “The Library Of Change”, as part of an exhibition at Designmuseum Denmark called “The Future is Present”.

June 19, 2022

Thanks to Designmuseum Danmark for choosing us Bespoke Copenhagen to be a part of their new exhibition “The Future Is Present”, together with some of the most prominent names in danish design.
The exhibition explores the emergent intersection between design and futures and it will be open for a whole year.

We have created two pieces, “Human Intelligence” & “The Library Of Change” as a way to visually and experientially share some of our ideas, perspectives and thoughts about Futures Design.

So if you are in Copenhagen, please visit the museum and get a glimpse into the future of design. And you can also enjoy some of the other exciting exhibitions and the permanent collection of the museum who just went through a 2 years renovation and is looking amazing!