Our approach stands on the power of inter­disciplinary thinking and doing.

Our Futures Design methodology integrates tools, methods and mindsets from design process and theoretical frameworks from the strategic foresight practice.


Futures Design

The Futures Design framework is the backbone structure of all our work. It guides our processes to live in a perfect balance between progress and creativity; results and exploration.

Book of Futures

A Bespoke guide to design futures.

In Book of Futures we share the practices, mindsets, tools, stories and methods from our work with designing futures. It is a guidebook for any practitioners and individuals curious to explore the practice of Futures Design.



A collaborative software for the Future-facing organisation

Bespoke Horizon supports our clients in implementing Futures Design in their strategy work.

It is a space where teams and organisations come together to collect, map, analyse and make sense of the signals relevant to be in the forefront of their field.

With Horizon we want to make Futures Design an approachable and agile path for strategy work.