Working with the next generation of future facing organisations.

We work across fields and industries with both large and small organisations. Exploring anything from the future of the beauty industry to the future of democracy. 

What our projects have in common is a distinct methodological approach to working with the future, and a solid design DNA in working closely and collectively with our clients.

Horizon Scanning

We are experts in the practice of exploring and mapping the broad Horizon of a given field. Our research team identifies change signals and document them in our Horizon software to be used in strategic and creative processes.

Sense-making processes

We excel in the craft of facilitating processes and sessions that enable both co-creation, innovative thinking and action. Whether specific or complex challenges, we make sure to arrive at key insights with strategic value.

Conceptualising strategic findings

Being designers at heart, we turn process outcomes into coherent concepts and frameworks. We give body and narrative to scenarios, build digital platforms, publications, reports, and books that capture the essence and make the process outcomes create long lasting impact.


A collaborative software for the Future-facing organisation

Bespoke Horizon supports our clients in implementing Futures Design in their strategy work.

It is a space where teams and organisations come together to collect, map, analyse and make sense of the signals relevant to be in the forefront of their field.

With Horizon we want to make Futures Design an approachable and agile path for strategy work.