Manyone acquires Bespoke

Bespoke is joining Manyone.

Exploring Artistic Freedoms with a/nordi/c

A new collection of signals and insights is open for exploration in The Living Catalogue

Bespoke receives the The Gazelle Award 2021

Bespoke have been recognized as a Gazelle company for the second consecutive year.

How can we empower the next generation of social innovators?

A collaborative EU-funded project exploring and creating a more inclusive and innovative tomorrow.

Bespoke receives The Gazelle Award 2020 for fastest growing companies in Denmark

Bespoke is awarded the Gazelle Award by Børsen Finance Journal.

 Reclaiming our Bodies

How to reclaim an active lifestyle and a new way of being in touch with body and mind in the hectic modern metropole? Some emerging tribes are redefining what it means to move and thrive in today’s world.

Book of Futures, back in stock!

In Book of Futures we share the practices, mindsets, tools, stories and methods from our work with designing futures. It is a guidebook for any practitioners and individuals curious to explore the practice of Futures Design. It's now back in stock!

New knowledge piece on Intimacy

Experience 5 aspects of the future impact of intimacy.

Future Design Society: Talk at 3days of Design, Designmuseum Danmark

How can design and art help us envision the future and ultimately create changes in our society?

Meet Ditte: our partner and CEO

Ditte Graa Wulff has officially joined our team as partner and CEO.

The beauty of thresholds

What is the real value of foresight? Our founding partner, Nicolas Arroyo, guides us through the significance of being a Futures practitioner.

Future Landscapes for Higher Education 

What skills, competences and capacities do Higher Education Institutions need to encourage transformative learning for a greener future?

Future Culture 

Future Culture is an open collaboration connecting different actors to design a valuable and future-oriented role for culture in tomorrow’s society, initiated by N WIND magazine together with strategic foresight studio Bespoke.

Exhibiting futures design at Designmuseum Denmark

Until June 2023 you can experience our two pieces, “Human Intelligence” & “The Library Of Change”, as part of an exhibition at Designmuseum Denmark called “The Future is Present”.

New Magazine on Leading Youth

A new magazine on leading young people in public sector.

Co-launching a think tank for art, policies and the creative fields

At Bespoke we are proudly co-launching a/nordi/c.

Sharing Futures Exhibition

Bespoke’s Futures Design methodology is going on display at Design Museum Denmark!

Edu Ex

An exploration and learning experiment in the potentials of speculative design for solving a widespread crisis.

Future Scenarios for our post covid cities: Talk at Danish Design Center 

How does covid reshaped our way of thinking about cities?

Moving into the Bespoke House

We are open at the House of Futures in the heart of Copenhagen. Come visit us!